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alexander petrovich bouryak

born on october,18 1949.
lives in kharkov (ukraine).


  • architectural faculty of kharkov civil-engineering institute — diploma 1971;
  • ph.d. course at architecture chair — 1972-75;
  • ph.d. thesis on design theory at the central institute for theory and history of architecture (moscow) — 1979.

professional work:

  • participation in moscow methodological circle's works (from 1970), in organisation of more than 30 large activity-organisational games and working seminars on regional development and higher education in ukraine and russia;
  • "kharkovzhilstroy" combine (1971-72) — introduction of new technologies, architectural supervision;
  • kharkov civil engineering institute : lectures on history and social basements of profession, leadership of diploma works (awards of ussr and ukraine unions of architects in 1985-96); guidance for the chair of architecture fundamentals (from 1985); professor (from 2009);  in 1980-92 — preliminary research, development and realisation of the experimental program of the architectural education (conception and guidance of the team of pedagogical experiment); supervision of the seven successful ph.d. thesis concerning the problems of design theory, environmental approach in urban development, architectural education and heritage conservation (defences in 1988-2007); “honours education worker of ukraine” insignia (2000).
  • kharkov scientific centre of the international non-governmental organization "world laboratory": scientific supervisor of the laboratory for regional development and urbanistics (independent research institute from 1995); organisation and carrying out of complex independent expertise and working out of regional development conceptions for vladivostok (1989) and archangelsk (1991) regions; projects of reconstruction of town centre nuclear and of local industrial zone in tver (1991-1992); organisation and conducting of the expertise of project variants of the law on atomic energy utilisation and organisation of alternative project development (1991) for russian ministry of atomic energy; leadership of the consulting group on regional policy of the chief administration for atomic energetic development (ussr ministry of atomic energetic and industry 1990-1993, from 1993 — in the structure of "rosenergoatom" concern); development and realisation of the organisational project of ukrainian-russian association of defence industry enterprises "aec" (1991 -1992); development of the investment programme and spatial conception of crimea tatars' national culture centre for eupatoria (from1992); programme of levada business centre development in kharkov, organisation and conducting of the international competition for the idea of levada historical area reconstruction under the order of city executive committee (1994);
  • centre of regional researches of the moscow economic society: scientific supervisor; organisation of the expertise of the investment programme of kostromskaya atomic power station construction and public hearings on budget-investment policy of regional administration (1992); regional policy conception for the ministry of atomic energy of russian federation (from 1992);
  • "ecopolitica — xxi century" international association: a member of the executive directorship (director of studies), leader of the international forum "ecological policy and enterprise in the changing world" (kharkov, september 17-23, 1994); expert of the ecology committee in the supreme soviet of russian federation (1992-1993, questions of regional policy);
  • "mediapolis" association — international institute for urbanistics and regional development (iiurd): co-ordinator of the national municipal (non-governmental) programme "improvement of the management systems for development of small and middle towns of ukraine" ("mediapolis" programme); editor-in-chief of "mediapolis" quarterly journal of ukrainian cities (1996-99);
  • “habitat vivendi” − environment advisors close corporation, president (2005-2010); general director (from 2010)preproject analysis of city territories, consulting of large scale projects, organising of urban/architectural competitions.

public activities:

  • “ecopolitica” international association member of the executive directorship, leader of the "ecological policy and entrepreneurship in the changing world" international forum (kharkov, september 1994); expert of the ecological committee of russia supreme soviet (1992-1993, regional policy matters);
  • institute of local democracy member of the supervision council from 1998;
  • "waterpas" magazine − member of the editorial council (1996-2004);
  • ukrainian municipal academy full membership from 1999; "aspire and achieve" honourable decoration of ukrainian municipal club (2005);
  • “ukrainian regional report” bulletin member of the editorial council (2000-2002);
  • “kharkiv club” international ngo member from 1998, head of the board from 2000;
  • “architectural ambulance” international project chairman of the “kharkov – city quarter” international design seminar (2003).

lectures and reports on design theory and designers' tuition

  • at the higher school of architecture of region nord pas-de-calais in lille (france), at netherlands architects' union in the hague (netherlands), at cottbus technical university (germany), at poznan polytechnic (poland), lecture course on east-christian sacral art history at ‘schola poznaniensis’ higher school of applied art (poznan, poland), lectures at the faculty of urban design of lebanese university (beirut), reports at the institute of the history of arab science in aleppo and at the national museum in damascus (syria), at the del bianco foundation (florence, italy).


author of more than 70 scientific publications and analytic reports on the theory and history of architecture and of higher education, urban/regional development and others.


  • “stealthy characters” personal painting exhibition (tempera, water colours; kharkov house of architects, 1999,
  • “characters-2”, kharkov municipal art gallery, 2000), jubilee exhibition of kharkov municipal art gallery, 2001, the 4-th exhibition of kharkov universities teachers creativity,
  • «autumn vernissage - 2003» (kharkov municipal art gallery)
  • «slobozhanshchina talents» (kharkov regional art gallery, 2004)
  • "griffonnage" personal graphics exhibition (khtuca, 2009, private gallery "vovatanya", 2010)

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Project seminar Architectural ambulance (Oct.,2003)

Kate Dolgaya's diloma project Scientific-entertainment center in Kharkov



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